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Six Reason To Buy

46dB Adaptive Active
Noise Cancellation

Seamlessly adapting to environmental changes,
and maintaining consistent sound quality.

Three-stage Noise
Cancellation Adjustment

The earbuds offer three noise
cancellation modes: cozy,
moderate and ultra.
You can choose the
appropriate depth of
noise cancellation based on
different scenarios.

A Long Pinch of the Earbuds
Switches to Awareness Mode

Important outside sound can be

heard clearly in sync.

Wind Noise Cancellation

Reducing wind noise, better music experience during sports and going outdoors.

Hi-Res Resolution Sound Quality
Ignition in an Instant

High-resolution sound quality with Hi-Res Audio Wireless,
certification, highly restores authentic sound.
Thanks to LDAC audio codec, you can enjoy rich music
details and ignite emotions in an instant.

Experience Spatial Surround Sound
Immerse Yourself in Music

With the support of advanced audio algorithms, the 3D surround soundstage surrounds you in a captivating three-dimensional space, enabling you to enjoy dynamic and immersive audio effects to the fullest.

12mm Polymer Composite
Diaphragm Driver Unit

More dynamic rhythm, no leakage of sound. Bring surging bass and a wide sound field.

Three-microphone AI
Call Noise Cancellation

With the three microphones and AI intelligent sound pickup algorithm,
external sound interference is significantly reduced.

Ultra-long 40 Hours Battery
Life for Anytime Listening

The earbuds support up to 9 hours of playback on a full charge,
and up to 40 hours of playback, with multiple charges in the case.

Bluetooth 5.3 Stable Connection
Not Afraid of Network Disconnection

New dual-mode Bluetooth supports both classic
Bluetooth and low-power Bluetooth,
and provides enhanced connection stability.

Dual Devices Connection
Free Switching

Two devices can be connected at the same time, allowing
the earbuds to seamlessly switch between cell phones,
tablets, or PCs. This enables a millisecond intelligent
switching experience, you can switch between the two
devices, one for entertainment and the other for work.

*The specific supported device models and software versions shall be subject to actual conditions.

Low Latency Gaming Mode

Switch to gaming mode and immediately
hear the sounds of the battlefield.
Ensuring you don’t miss any crucial moments in the
game and get an immersive gaming experience.


Wearing Monitoring Sensitive
Feedback the Earbuds Status

Automatically identifies the in-ear and off-ear status.
Play and pause music automatically for easier use.

Accurate Pressure-Sensitive Control
Clearly Identifying Your Intention

It accurately recognizes pinching gestures, reducing the risk of mistaken touch, thumping sound caused by touch control and clearly identifying the user's intention.

Long pinch:

· Switch
· Noise Cancelling/Off/Awareness
· Reject incoming call


· Music mode
· Play/Pause
· Incoming call mode
· Answer/Hang up

Pinch quickly twice:

· Next track

Pinch quickly three times:

· Previous track

Pop-up Window for Connection

After opening the lid, the phone will automatically pop-up a window that provides
accurate access to the earbuds' status.

Same HONOR Account
No Need to Pair Again

Multiple HONOR devices can be logged with the same HONOR account, when one device paired once, other devices can connect to earbuds, no need to pair again.

Device Search

The earbuds support a ringing mode to help locate them when
they are misplaced. By maintaining the Bluetooth connection
between the earbuds and phone, you can trigger the earbuds
to make a sound through the HONOR AI Space APP,
helping to find the earbuds.

Support OTA Service

With the HONOR AI Space APP,
the earbuds can be upgraded via OTA,
and you can access the latest performance.

Packing List

                                                                                                                                       Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds                                                    1 pair

                                                                                                                                       Charging Case                                                                              1 pcs

                                                                                                                                       QSG                                                                                                 1 pcs

                                                                                                                                       Ear Tips                                                                                          3 pair

1. 46dB Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation: 46dB is the maximum noise cancellation depth of this product. The data is obtained from Wingtech Laboratory and is based on real human testing using Wingtech Laboratory models. The actual effect may vary depending on factors such as the user's ear size, selected earbuds, ear canal structure, wearing position, chewing, and movement. Now only ear canal adaptation is supported, scene adaptation will be provided via OTA.

2. The data is obtained from Wingtech Laboratory based on testing results with the charging case and earbuds fully charged, active noise cancellation turned off, 50% volume, and AAC Bluetooth codec for music playback. In actual use, it may vary due to individual product differences, usage habits, and environmental factors. Please refer to the actual usage scenario.

3. LDAC is turned off by default and needs to be enabled in HONOR AI Space APP.

4. In order to trig the Low latency gaming mode, it is necessary to customize the triple-tap gesture as "Game Mode/Normal Mode" in the menu of the HONOR AI Space App. Subsequently, the earbuds should be triple-tapped to activate the "Game Mode" before it can support the Low latency gaming mode. It is important to note that the sound quality may be compromised in the Low latency gaming mode, therefore it is recommended to use it based on your specific needs.

5. The experimental data comes from a third-par5,ty testing agency, and the earbuds support IP54 dust and water resistance. IP54 is an international label used to identify the product‘s dust and water resistance level, which means that a small amount of dust and splashing will not affect the normal operation of the product. The charging case is not resistant to dust and water.

6. The first connection requires your confirmation, then it will automatically connect when the lid open. The version required for full function is Magic UI6.1 or above (full function version after March 2023, including MagicOS version).

7. To enable support, it is necessary to open the Bluetooth data synchronization function in the HONOR account center for data synchronization.

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